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Dr. Ashish Dutta is a highly respected cosmetic surgeon with a deep commitment to his field. He began his medical journey in India, where he obtained his MBBS degree in Kolkata in 1986. Seeking to further his skills, he relocated to the UK and gained valuable experience in various surgical specialities, including trauma, emergency medicine, and orthopaedics.

In 2000, Dr. Dutta’s path led him to the world of laser surgery when he attended his first training session with Lumenis. This experience marked the beginning of his focus on non-surgical and laser procedures. In the same year, he established his first clinic in Sunderland, named the Aesthetic Beauty Centre. By 2004, the brand had expanded to include a second clinic in Newcastle, which now serves as the group’s headquarters.

Dr. Dutta’s dedication to excellence and continuous learning has positioned him as a visionary in his field. He was among the first doctors in the UK to introduce Fraxel Laser and Thermage Skin tightening treatments. His commitment to realistic results and thorough one-on-one consultations with patients has earned him a reputation as one of the most respected practitioners in the industry.

As a passionate advocate for cosmetic medicine and surgery, Dr. Dutta frequently participates in courses and conferences, both nationally and internationally. He also shares his knowledge and experiences with fellow doctors and nurses, contributing to the advancement of the field. Dr. Dutta’s dedication was recognised by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery when he was made a Fellow in October 2016.

Under Dr Dutta’s guidance, Aesthetic Beauty Centre is committed to excellence and innovation. The clinics in the Northeast have earned the title of “Centre of Excellence” from Key Opinion Leaders for their collaboration with various aesthetic industry partners.

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Dr. Ashish Dutta's Vision

Dr Ashish Dutta and his dedicated team uphold a commitment to continuous training and the pursuit of best practices. This dedication enables them to deeply understand the unique needs of each individual, ensuring that the treatments offered are both achievable and realistic. Their unwavering focus on updating and enhancing their skills has established Aesthetic Beauty Centre as one of the most respected cosmetic surgery clinics in the UK.

At Aesthetic Beauty Centre (ABC), the mantra is to create a holistic environment where every approach is custom-tailored to deliver the desired outcome for each patient and client. Dr Ashish Dutta envisions the brand as forward-thinking and in a constant state of evolution, maintaining a patient-focused approach within a caring, comforting, and professional approach.

Beyond his role as a renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Dutta is also a lover of Indian classical music, which serves as a source of relaxation from his regular busy schedule. In his free time, he enjoys cooking Indian meals. His passion for excellence and commitment to providing high quality service are key driving factors that keep him moving forward in his career.

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