About -
Wendy Dutta

About -
Wendy Dutta


Wendy Dutta is a professionally trained nurse responsible for the management and operational aspects of Aesthetic Beauty Centre. With a career spanning over three decades, Wendy has always been dedicated to making a positive impact in the community. Her journey began in 1987 when she embarked on a career in nursing. In 1996, she pursued a Law degree, LLB (Hons), at Northumbria University, broadening her horizons.

Wendy’s path eventually led her to the field of cosmetic and aesthetic nursing, where she found a unique opportunity to blend emotional and aesthetic benefits for patients. She completed the Independent and Supplementary Nurse Prescribing Course from Durham University in 2012, allowing her to prescribe independently within her scope of competence.

In 2018, Wendy successfully completed the Diploma in Professional Non-Surgical Aesthetic Practice. She remains committed to staying updated in her field. Wendy is a member of the British Dermatology Nursing Group, a professional association that supports nurses in the field of dermatology and cosmetic dermatology. She is also a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN), the largest professional association for nurses conducting cosmetic treatments in the UK. These organisations provide valuable support and information, ensuring Wendy’s adherence to effective and ethical practices.

One of the main challenges that cosmetic nurses are facing in the current climate, according to her, is the fact that the government has made it mandatory for doctors performing cosmetic surgery to be appropriately trained, qualified, accredited, appraised, and audited. Yet, beauticians in regular salons across the UK can perform Botox, fillers, and other aesthetic treatments with no prior nursing experience. Wendy is deeply concerned about this scenario, as she believes in the ethical aspects of medicine and treatment. She emphasises the need for adequately trained nurses and qualified beauticians to prevent potential complications.

Wendy is a committed professional and brings tremendous discipline to the operational aspects of the company. Wendy is a people person and loves to interact with patients and clients and advise them on their aesthetic needs. She feels it is imperative to discuss every new patient’s concerns and needs openly in all her consultations. She ensures that she gives them the true perspective on the right kind of procedure they need with realistic expectations and makes them understand that the correction of a particular flaw can improve their physical looks but not change their lives.

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Wendy says, “I enjoy the variety of the treatments, along with the various surgeries and treatments we meet a diverse section of the public, from post-pregnancy mothers who request breast augmentation or body sculpture to men who are losing confidence due to excess fat, or seeking guidance regarding Hair Restoration. We are all ageing, and most people want to ‘grow old gracefully,’ but some look for a little ‘natural-looking’ assistance along the way.”

She loves traveling to international and national conferences and seminars, where she keeps herself abreast of the latest industry workings and changes in technology and treatments, which she can then bring back as value propositions for the company.

We are committed to creating an ethical, holistic, and patient-focused environment where every approach is tailored to deliver the desired outcome for each patient. Dr. Ashish Dutta envisions a company that is forward-thinking, constantly evolving, and dedicated to providing compassionate, professional care.

Contact us for a one-on-one consultation with our team, and let us help you achieve your desired aesthetic results.

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