Dermal Fillers – Turning Back Time On The Face’s Lines, Wrinkles and Folds


Most of us would like to turn back the clock to achieve the fresh-faced look we had in our twenties. Imagine, then, if you could do exactly this, without the need for surgery.

What once seemed an impossible dream has now become a reality thanks to advances in the use of dermal fillers. These are substances – either naturally occurring in the body, or artificial – which are injected into the skin to give it a plumper, more youthful appearance. The difference in recent years has been doctors’ improved understanding of how dermal fillers work, enabling them to achieve the best results for clients.

What we can offer you

At the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, we offer many different types of fillers, including well known names like Restylane and Radiesse. When clients come to our clinics, in Sunderland and Newcastle, they receive a full consultation with one of our highly trained doctors, in which they are guided on their choice of dermal filler based on achieving their desired outcome.

For us, the customer is key, and it is crucial that they feel comfortable at every stage of the procedure. That is why they are met by friendly staff at our centrally-located Newcastle and Sunderland clinics and guided through their treatment with sensitivity and care.

As a cosmetic surgeon with many years’ experience of using dermal fillers, I would only ever work with those which have been approved. That way, I can be confident of their safety, and feel secure in the knowledge that the client will be entirely happy with the results.

The concept of just filling lines, wrinkles and folds has changed over the last five or six years so that, now, as opposed to using dermal fillers on a piecemeal basis, we tend to think of the face as a structure in which the foundations need to be supported. It’s more about volumising and sculpting to rejuvenate the whole of the mid-face.

There have also been advances in the way the procedure is performed. Now, when injecting a dermal filler, I use a cannula, which is a blunt needle, and this makes the treatment safer and more comfortable for the client, with less chance of bruising or structural damage. They can leave the clinic and resume normal life without any downtime.

Clients in Sunderland and Newcastle, and those who travel to our clinics from throughout the region and beyond, find that the fuller face of their youth is restored, giving them a freshness and vitality that they love. For more information, please contact us.