Facial Sculpturing – The Liquid Face Lift


An inevitable result of ageing is that our skin begins to lose its elasticity. This is especially true of the face area as the depletion of collagen and elastin helps to enhance the more obvious appearance of wrinkles and folds on the face.

The ‘Liquid Facelift’ is a method of injecting dermal fillers to lift and re-contour facial features. Successful branded products are known by several names with among the most commonly used being- Profilo, Belotero, Radiesse and Restylane with other products such as Sculptra.

A Subtle lift of facial character

More natural facial curves

Appearance of a more relaxed and restored look

Overall reduction of facial creases, lines or folds and reduced wrinkles.

The results of a non-surgical liquid face lift vary between patients; some look to lift the whole facial area while others simply require more subtle modifications to minor facial features such as concealing or reducing dark eye circles or heavy bags, opening up eye areas and restoring a more natural shape and contour by lifting cheek, jowls and corners of the mouth. Non-invasive or Medical Rhinoplasty can conceal bumps on the nose which can also prove extremely beneficial. The array of products are designed with upmost safety and the dermal fillers are all rigorously tested. As always though a chat with a medical professional who is familiar with the products is always recommended before undertaking any procedure that may cause concern for the client. Let’s attempt to answer two of the most commonly asked questions below.

How Long Will The Results Last?

A liquid face lift will typically last six to nine months depending on the products that are used, (with Sculptra lasting up to eighteen months). Botox or Dysport for example used in conjunction with dermal fillers can have results that last a little longer. It’s important to remember that the treatments used are all tested and approved by American Federal Drug Administration (FDA). A thorough consultation with a health professional who is familiar with the benefits and risks associated with the various treatments involved in liquid facelifts is recommended.

Cost Of The Liquid Face Lift

The procedure is normally priced per syringe of treatment. A typical 1ml syringe is £300 and a vial of Sculptra around £350/-, but the cost of the whole treatment will depend on the amount used and may vary from individual to individual. Additional Botox and Dysport treatments can increase the cost. It’s important to remember that the results can vary. Your Health professional will be happy to advise before you commit your finances or more importantly yourself to the procedure.

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